Welcome to Mid West Diamond Sports! Almost all the sports sites on the internet deal in sports tickets, sports agents, sports blogs, sports articles, sports coaching, sports coaching jobs, sports events, sports gear, sports fights and various other sports information. But there are quite a few that deal in sports videos giving to the sports world not just the video footage of new games and events but also those from yesteryears. And these have been clearly a hit with sports fans as the popularity of these sports videos and the sports sites climb new heights.

What the fans should look out for are authenticity of the sports videos as many of them may not be from the actual source of shooting, instead edited versions picked up from different legal and illegal sources. Authentic sports sites will abstain from showing these videos and instead put up some real good stuff. These may include funny and light moments caught amongst the players or from the stands where the spirited fans encourage and applaud their favorite teams. These sports videos are real fun to watch and are quite easily available on the Google search on the internet. Some sites require membership for watching these, some provide it for free while some have minimal charges.

Mid West Diamond Sports was founded in late 2006 by the current webmaster, Kyle Boddy. The name was derived from his girlfriend’s comment that his obsession with baseball made him “delusional.” Kyle does not deny this claim.

What is the purpose of the site?

The original reason that Mid West Diamond Sports was developed was to create a separate weblog for Kyle’s baseball workouts and to provide an easily-organized website to display. During the initial planning stages of the site, it was expanded to include multimedia sections of pitching/hitting videos, stills, news articles about amateur baseball, and the aforementioned weblog.

Unlike the original intent, however, Mid West Diamond Sports is now accepting applications from other dedicated amateur baseball players from any and all age ranges (from Little League to senior league ball), as few sites exist on the Internet that are dedicated to personal multimedia outlets for amateur players.

What’s on the site?

Mid West Diamond Sports has a combined weblog of amateur players and their experiences in training, practices, and/or games; a multimedia section of videos and stills from practices or games for analysis; news articles on the amateur players of the site; and may include a forum as traffic increases over time.

What do you hope to achieve?

Kyle hopes to discover the absolute ceiling that exists for him as a serious amateur baseball player, whatever that may be. He secretly hopes that the ceiling includes a stint in the semi-pro leagues, but has an open mind and realistic expectations otherwise.

How do I get in touch with you?

Please see the “Contact Us” page.

Section Breakdown

Blog: A regularly-updated weblog with training, practice, and game-related information of the contributing members of Mid West Diamond Sports.

Multimedia: Videos and pictures of the contributors – mainly for training purposes.

Bios: Short bios of the contributors of Mid West Diamond Sports, as well as any news articles written about the contributors.

Stats: Stats from the PSSBL or other amateur leagues of the contributors on the site.

Contact Us: How to get in touch with the webmaster or the contributors of the site.