Pitch Counts – How to Keep Your Pitchers Safe

by Robert Rodriguez on

The USA Baseball’s Medical Advisory Group which consists of leading sports surgeons as well as former professional players has announced new guidelines that parents and coaches should use in order to keep pitchers safe. Please don’t leave it up to the pitcher to track the number of pitches he has thrown in a game. Coaches should track each pitchers weekly and monthly pitch count totals. We encourage parents to track their son’s pitch total as well. Remember, counting innings isn’t enough.

We recommend you count pitches during a game rather than innings as you could easily throw as few as 3 pitches or 20, 30 or more pitches in an inning. Please read the following guidelines and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pitch Counts By Age…

  • Ages 9-10. 50 Pitches per game. 75 Pitches per week. 1,000 pitches per season. 2,000 pitches per year
  • Ages 11-12. 75 Pitches per game. 100 pitches per week. 1,000 pitches per season. 2,000 pitches per year.
  • Ages 13-14. 75 Pitches per game. 125 pitches per week. 1,000 pitches per season. 3,000 pitches per year.
  • Ages 15-18. 100 pitches per game. 150 pitches per week. 1,500 pitches per season. 3,500 pitches per year.

Written by: Robert Rodriguez